Thursday, 11 March 2010

Some of my old cameras

My first ever camera was a box camera which I bought towards the end of my schooling days in Tanjong Lobang School (TLS), Miri, Sarawak. Of course, what do you expect of a cheap camera? The quality of pictures were not sharp. Anyway, that was all I had and I was glad because I still keep some photographs of my TLS era I had taken with it.

I still remember vividly the occasion when I asked our school matron Miss Marian McKonkey to pose for a picture with her old bicycle just outside her quarters. She oblighed. I do not know where that photograph is now. Miss Marian McKonkey had passed away in a nursing home in the USA at a ripe old age of 100.

Here are some of my old cameras I still keep. Some are still in good working condition.

A Yashica GSN

A Cosina

A Pentax Espio 738s

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